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Murph Da Kid

On June 18,1990 in Hopewell, VA L. Anthony Murphy was born.  Shortly after birth the two moved the family to the Maryland & DC area to Hopewell, VA to be closer to other family and relatives. Without a father being in his life he was forced to learn how to be a man pretty much on my own with the help of a soon to be stepfather and my late great grandfather Robert Taylor.

Once in Hopewell he quickly took a liking to athletics, which led me to playing rec league baseball, basketball and football. Around the age of 7 I had dreams of pursuing a basketball career which was short lived because a couple of years later I began writing music with the hopes of becoming the next hit sensation in the hip-hop industry.

He remembers like yesterday it was the summer of 1999 when Cash Money Records released the hit single Back That Thang Up. With just one listen to the song his older brother fell in love and decided that they should begin a music career and so we hit the ground running with a few neighborhood kids. We were initially known as the Lil’ Kidz, but they quickly realized that we could not be taken seriously with such a juvenile name so they then switched the group name to the acronym H.U.S.T.L.A.S which stood for Hard Untouchable Soldiers That Love All Styles. While with the Hustlas. He was known by the stage name of Young G because he was the youngest hanging around with a mischievous bunch of kids so he quickly became known as the Young Gangster. As some time went by he quickly realized that he didn’t want to be placed into a box and known just for his street antics so at the tender age of 11 he decided to go with a name that felt more genuine to him and what he stood for. He came up with the name AmpEazy tha Young’N, which was derived from my nickname of Amp, which was short for Anthony, and the Young’N came from me being the youngest within the circle. As they grew older the Hustlas quickly grew apart and that was the time when he decided that he would not give up on a music career that instead he would try mhis solo efforts.

So in his early teen years he made a final name change from AmpEazy the Young’N to Murph Da Kid. He felt this name best fit him because it described his maturation into manhood. Simply because Murph came from my last name of Murphy which is the last name from my father’s side of the family. With him being Murph the man it was kind of a play on words to say that he’s doing better than him as a person and the baby of the family.

In 2009 while attending Norfolk State University he hooked up with another artist, Karlin Roberts, who goes by them name of K. Ale’ and they collaborated on several tracks which brought them quick recognition to those on and off campus in the surrounding communities. They then decided that they would start a group that they named SFS that stood for the Stay Fresh Society. We began working on a project, which was produced by their new producer Dorshae Montague. However due to some technical difficulties within the studio they used for their first project the debut album was never released. However, they did remain in touch and in the year of 2017 they decided that their stint in the music industry was not yet a dead goal but more like a distant reality. So they teamed back up along with some new artists and rejuvenated the Stay Fresh Society.

His solo mixtapes entitled Murph Mayweather is available on and his most recent project The ReBirth can be purchased on all digital outlets. He’s currently back in the studio working on yet another project entitled Murphy McFly: Back To The Basics which will be available soon. He’s also developing new artists on the label a singer by the name of Blair as well as rapper OneHunnid. He’s also dedicating some focus to singer and songwriter Glo the two are working on an EP to be released in the very near future. He’s also in the early phases along with K. Ale’ in starting a clothing line called Stay Fresh Clothing. Though it seems like alot in talking with Murph Da Kid we know the sky’s the limit and his best is yet to come!